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Looking for the best baby carrier for hiking?

Friday, September 1st, 2017

For outdoor lovers with a baby or toddler, it could be challenging to hike with the dependent little ones. But baby carriers have made it possible where strollers can’t reach. There are so many baby carriers in the market, which one would be the best option for you? Which one is the best baby carrier for hiking?

DADA hip seat baby carrier comes with 8 different positions to carry your baby. The different carrying positions offer you the best experience in the whole hiking process.

Carrying the baby on the backpack is the best for hiking uneven roads, carrying the baby in the front and facing front allows the baby to see what you see. Better yet if it gets too hot, take off the shoulder straps and simply wear the waist belt while sitting baby on the stool for the convenience and comfort, and the breathe!

Besides daily use with the single hip seat inside or out of the house, you could carry your baby on the back once your baby turns 4 months old, or whenever your baby could sit up. Dada hip seat baby carrier is designed to carry baby and toddlers. The extended width and padding ensure more support to parents and it allows to carry kids up to 36 months, or whenever your baby turns 33 lbs.

DADA hip seat baby carrier is very lightweight at 2 lbs only. The delicately designed curve and the flexible center point of straps help to distribute babies’ weight evenly to feel less weight in usage. This would help to make a big difference in comfort if the hiking and trail walking is longer.

Get outdoor with your baby in DADA hip seat baby carrier, THE best baby carrier for hiking and walking! Enjoy nature and joy together, make adventurous memories together!