Our Story

About Dada and founders

Dada baby care was started by two loving and caring new moms who wanted to bring convenience to every family with small children by creating a more enjoyable experience for parents and children to explore the world.

Babies are carried around the world in so many different ways, but the most intimate and the most popular is by keeping the baby close to heart. Parents love holding their babies as long as possible, and DADA hipseat baby carrier is a genius addition to daily life for the bonding relationship. Babies are completely dependent on their parents in the first year, and that can make it difficult to get things done. Having more than one kid that requires your attention can make life even more difficult. DADA hipseat baby carrier makes it possible for you to still get things done while experiencing that wonderful feeling of holding your baby close.

From a practical usage point of view, DADA hipseat baby carrier is the best choice from both functional and appeal aspects as it is designed for both parents. DADA hipseat baby carrier provides the options of using just the hipseat or the traditional hands-free baby carrier.

The baby’s curious little heart can always be cheered by observing the world around them when a parent is walking, shopping, or vacationing. The hipseat allows the baby to sit facing inward or outward with a simple lift. Although a hand should always remain on the baby, the hipseat carries most of the weight and allows more air flow between parent and baby compared to the traditional baby carrier. When holding your baby on the hip, your spine tends to shift for more comfort, and when holding your baby in your arms, there tends to be more pressure against baby’s spine. DADA hipseat takes the discomfort and risks away in just seconds by attaching the velcro and buckle on your waist only. DADA hipseat can also be used as a nursing pillow when baby lays flat on the stool to balance their weight, and helps avoid your back and arms from getting sore while nursing.

When the traditional baby carrier position is preferred, there is always the option to carry the baby on the front, facing outwards or inwards, and to carry the baby on the back, with your hands free for anything that’s safe to carry. As a bonus you can choose just the hipseat if you’d like to only go for a short walk without putting on the full carrier.

Sharing is caring! With all the input of effort and love, DADA hopes to bring convenience, joy, comfort, and hassle-free benefits to you and your baby!

Dada logo story

We started with an artish image of the hipseat as our logo but it couldn’t state our love and care in our products. Pearls are so well protected by shells with hard surface and soft inside, just like babies being held in parents’ hands, strong but gentle, with love and care!

Dada design

There are so many baby carriers in the market, but we started from scratch! Months of tests, several changes and upgrades, the satisfying version finally came, from two perfectionist moms looking out for the comfort and safety to the baby!