Would this work well for hiking and traveling?

Most helpful answer:

YES it definitely will do! I got one in Nov before we went on vacation. The carrier worked great when we were in the woods and boarding the flight. It is nice that the seat can detach because I’ve used just the seat for baby to get on and off going through airport security and on the plane. My son is 10 months and almost 22lbs- I didn’t notice any back pain while using this baby carrier.

Can I wear this baby carrier in X shape shoulder straps?

You can detach the shoulder strap buckles from the mesh cover then cross them at the back and attach back to the front mesh. It would work as X this way, and it would be more comfortable if you’d like to insert one of the straps through the narrower ribbon and padded area of the other strap.

Is this comfortable for larger women or the design considered plus size?

Most helpful answer:

The waist belt length could be adjusted to 140cm. Shoulder straps are also adjustable with wider coverage so it could fit more sizes.

I'm 5'10'' will I be able to wear this comfortably? The ergo carrier I have is painful!

Most helpful answer:

Yes, my husband is 6 feet and a sturdy build and he can wear it with our son comfortably.

Can I put this baby carrier in the dryer?

Most helpful answer:

Yes! I dry mine in the dryer all the time and it’s perfectly fine. It’s so much easier for me than the other ones that could only hang dry cuz I wash the hip seat baby carrier very often. Just need to make sure the foam wedge is removed from laundry and drying.