We often wonder how to keep career and family flourish as working moms without stressing out (work life balance) but it has always been a learning curve for constant improvements during the journey.


work life balance


If it helps, here DADA gets some tips to make things easier:

1. Make daily planning/time table for both work and family activities and highlight the priorities in case of changes; and get thing organized the night ahead for the next day

2. Be focused and efficient at work on all projects at all times, at the same time use lunch break or coffee break to face time, call, text to your kids and stay bonded

3. Be flexible if possible, kids may like a play date when you are working overtime; and your managers may not have a problem if you ask for flexible hours but get things done

4. Be creative and set family routines that takes little extra time but keeps everyone involved, movie night Tuesdays, pizza dinners Wednesdays, house cleaning Thursdays, etc.

5. Always find time for couple time and me time at least once a month.