Excited to prepare for the dress up yet for a sweet Halloween? Your children must be so looking forward to Halloween, the day full of fun and sweets!
But this is not a post about how to have fun since you may know it all. Considering kids with fewer blessings in life, we want to bring in some help no matter how little it may look but to make their lives a little sweeter.

If you ever want your kids to start out the fun with a good cause, go trick or treat for UNICEF!

UNICEF started a program in 1950 called Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in which trick-or-treaters ask people to give money for the organization, usually instead of collecting candy. Participating trick-or-treaters say when they knock at doors “Trick-or-treat for UNICEF!” This program started as an alternative to candy. The organization has long produced disposable collection boxes that state on the back what the money can be used for in developing countries.

Here comes a small tip for trick-or-treating with little kids who couldn’t yet or just started walking. Wagon or strollers seem hassle-free when kids don’t want to walk if you haven’t experienced it with their constant requests of getting in and out. The pleasant and easy experience Dada hip seat baby carrier would bring is a no brainer. The carrier itself is light-weight at just 2lbs. The convenience of baby hopping on and off the seat simply makes it truly hassle-free. It takes just seconds to wear and take off the waist belt! How comfortable would it be if the kids start getting needy and wanting to be held when the hip seat takes so much weight of your arms, waist, hip, and back. The beyond average thickness with breathy mesh material in contact with your body just add up the bonus points.

We would love to make lives easier for all moms in need of our product. Contact us for discount details on limited open box options that are in great condition with tags on.

On another note, keep your kids safe!

Happy Halloween-DaDa