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About us

Dada baby care was started by two loving& caring new moms. From the exploring experiences, we want to share conveniences to every family with small children. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, having a baby is even more precious. One of the moms was though strongly affected by hormones, her wrists had been hurting since half way pregnant. The wrist pain lasted until the baby was 5 months old. Once the hipseat carrier was introduced, it had provided so many benefits. She wanted to spread the words but nothing in the market is perfectly satisfying. Here comes DADA hipseat baby carrier, with all the necessary elements for every parent!

Sharing is caring! With all the input of efforts and love, DADA goes for bringing convenience, joy, comfort, hassle free and more. You will see only benefits to you and your baby!

Dada hipseat baby carrier is the best choice from both the function and appeal aspects being designed for both parents.



DaDa Hipseat carrier


DaDa Hipseat the Helping Hand

Babies are being carried around the world in so many different ways. But the most intimate is the most popular, by keeping the baby close to heart. DADA hipseat baby carrier is a genius plus to daily life for the bonding relationship. Parents could hold the baby as long as wanted with Dada. Babies are completely dependent in the first year, and they do keep you away from getting things done. If you got more than one kid, it would be more challenging. DADA hipseat baby carrier makes it possible for you to still get things done. And you get to experience that wonderful feeling of holding your baby close.



How DaDa gets it done easy

The baby’s curious little heart could always be cheered by observing around when parent is walking, shopping or vacationing, etc. The hipseat allows the baby to sit facing inward or outward with a simple lift. Although the hands would need to stay on the baby, but the hipseat carries most of the weight. When using the traditional baby carrier in challenging weather, Dada easily allows air between parent and baby. Belt and straps are adjustable in length to fit both mom and dad.

Dada hipseat
DaDa hipseat Velco

DaDa cares for your health

When holding your baby on the hip, your spine tends to shift for more comfort, when holding your baby in your arms, there would be pressure against baby’s spine, DADA hipseat takes all the risks away in just seconds by attaching the velcro and buckle on waist only. With suggestions from chiropractors, the design has enlarged the width of waist belt and more padding for shoulders which are both adjustable in length to fit both mom and dad. The waist belt also includes the new design of full coverage Velcro for easy and more secured closure, and the hook also goes softer on sweaters or materials alike.

Features which make DaDa hipseat standout:

Breathable mesh seat top and front cover for max air flow, care easy and sturdy fabric, no stain from color; noiseless buckle design made with premium material; full coverage velcro for easy and more secured closure, and the hook also goes softer on sweaters or materials alike; larger zippered side pocket on the waist belt for storage of phone, keys and other small items; padded organic cotton bib, removable and washable, full coverage in the front along the shoulder belts for baby’s hygiene and better care of the carrier.

DaDa hipseat -Drool and Teething Pads With Bib
DaDa hipseat package (carton boxt)




Hands free carrier available:

DADA hipseat baby carrier provides the options of using just the hipseat or the traditional hands-free baby carrier. When the traditional hands free baby carriers are preferable, you always have the option. Carry the baby in the front, facing outside or inwards, carry the baby in the back, with your hands free. And the bonus is yours to use just the hipseat if you’d like to go for just a short walk.