There are three types of seat inserts in the market now from the hip seat baby carriers. Wonder which would best suit your needs? We have listed the pros and cons from the different seat types of baby hip seats.


Storage seat, with L shape plastic support (usually made with PVC)

Pro: Spacious storage under the seat for a small pack of wipes, one diaper, OR milk bottle, and small items like keys, a pacifier, etc. Great for a short walk with the storage convenience.

Con: Hard plastic insert may still press against your abdomen and hip bones with padding since the plastic itself doesn’t have the cushion.


Storage seat, with foldable metal frame support (usually made with STEEL)

Pro: Besides the same benefits as plastic insert, the metal frame is foldable so it could save some space and be easily thrown into the compartment in the cargo bay of your car.

Con: Same issue with no cushion due to the metal material which may cause pain on abdomen and hip bones. Metal has the biggest weight of all. The hollow center provides less support against the baby’s bottoms from the seat top and against your abdomen from the seat back.


Support seat, with recycled PPE foam wedge (usually made with recyclable foam)

Pro: The Foam has the lightest weight of all. The cushion from foam usually brings more comfort especiially with extra padding.

Con: It does come with less storage without bottom pocket. The side pocket could only carry a diaper, a phone and a pacifier. You might be able to slip in the keys depending on your phone size.


Moreover, if any hip seat comes with a traditional sling, the weight would be better distributed for longer use, and more carrying options including a backpack carrier for use in additional occasions.


Some other details to look at if it makes a different for your personal preference:

Velcro: thin strips or full coverage strips makes a big difference in alignment convenience and safety

Airflow: Mesh contact on both the seat and straps takes heat away comparing to solid contact material types

Zipper: YKK is the one of the most well-known and widely used safe and sturdy brand

Buckle: More buckle teeth usually means more security and less slippery risk


Simply subjective thoughts for purchase references.

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