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How to choose the right seat type out of the hip seat baby carriers?

Thursday, February 20th, 2020


There are three types of seat inserts in the market now from the hip seat baby carriers. Wonder which would best suit your needs? We have listed the pros and cons from the different seat types of baby hip seats.


Storage seat, with L shape plastic support (usually made with PVC)

Pro: Spacious storage under the seat for a small pack of wipes, one diaper, OR milk bottle, and small items like keys, a pacifier, etc. Great for a short walk with the storage convenience.

Con: Hard plastic insert may still press against your abdomen and hip bones with padding since the plastic itself doesn’t have the cushion.


Storage seat, with foldable metal frame support (usually made with STEEL)

Pro: Besides the same benefits as plastic insert, the metal frame is foldable so it could save some space and be easily thrown into the compartment in the cargo bay of your car.

Con: Same issue with no cushion due to the metal material which may cause pain on abdomen and hip bones. Metal has the biggest weight of all. The hollow center provides less support against the baby’s bottoms from the seat top and against your abdomen from the seat back.


Support seat, with recycled PPE foam wedge (usually made with recyclable foam)

Pro: The Foam has the lightest weight of all. The cushion from foam usually brings more comfort especiially with extra padding.

Con: It does come with less storage without bottom pocket. The side pocket could only carry a diaper, a phone and a pacifier. You might be able to slip in the keys depending on your phone size.


Moreover, if any hip seat comes with a traditional sling, the weight would be better distributed for longer use, and more carrying options including a backpack carrier for use in additional occasions.


Some other details to look at if it makes a different for your personal preference:

Velcro: thin strips or full coverage strips makes a big difference in alignment convenience and safety

Airflow: Mesh contact on both the seat and straps takes heat away comparing to solid contact material types

Zipper: YKK is the one of the most well-known and widely used safe and sturdy brand

Buckle: More buckle teeth usually means more security and less slippery risk


Simply subjective thoughts for purchase references.

Hint Hint, Dada hip seat baby carrier stands out among Texas heat and has traveled all the way to Iceland. Our parent AND Grandparent fans love the Easy, Safe and Convenient features designed from caring moms.


Sweet and Easy Halloween

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Excited to prepare for the dress up yet for a sweet Halloween? Your children must be so looking forward to Halloween, the day full of fun and sweets!
But this is not a post about how to have fun since you may know it all. Considering kids with fewer blessings in life, we want to bring in some help no matter how little it may look but to make their lives a little sweeter.

If you ever want your kids to start out the fun with a good cause, go trick or treat for UNICEF!

UNICEF started a program in 1950 called Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in which trick-or-treaters ask people to give money for the organization, usually instead of collecting candy. Participating trick-or-treaters say when they knock at doors “Trick-or-treat for UNICEF!” This program started as an alternative to candy. The organization has long produced disposable collection boxes that state on the back what the money can be used for in developing countries.

Here comes a small tip for trick-or-treating with little kids who couldn’t yet or just started walking. Wagon or strollers seem hassle-free when kids don’t want to walk if you haven’t experienced it with their constant requests of getting in and out. The pleasant and easy experience Dada hip seat baby carrier would bring is a no brainer. The carrier itself is light-weight at just 2lbs. The convenience of baby hopping on and off the seat simply makes it truly hassle-free. It takes just seconds to wear and take off the waist belt! How comfortable would it be if the kids start getting needy and wanting to be held when the hip seat takes so much weight of your arms, waist, hip, and back. The beyond average thickness with breathy mesh material in contact with your body just add up the bonus points.

We would love to make lives easier for all moms in need of our product. Contact us for discount details on limited open box options that are in great condition with tags on.

On another note, keep your kids safe!

Happy Halloween-DaDa

Looking for the best baby carrier for hiking?

Friday, September 1st, 2017

For outdoor lovers with a baby or toddler, it could be challenging to hike with the dependent little ones. But baby carriers have made it possible where strollers can’t reach. There are so many baby carriers in the market, which one would be the best option for you? Which one is the best baby carrier for hiking?

DADA hip seat baby carrier comes with 8 different positions to carry your baby. The different carrying positions offer you the best experience in the whole hiking process.

Carrying the baby on the backpack is the best for hiking uneven roads, carrying the baby in the front and facing front allows the baby to see what you see. Better yet if it gets too hot, take off the shoulder straps and simply wear the waist belt while sitting baby on the stool for the convenience and comfort, and the breathe!

Besides daily use with the single hip seat inside or out of the house, you could carry your baby on the back once your baby turns 4 months old, or whenever your baby could sit up. Dada hip seat baby carrier is designed to carry baby and toddlers. The extended width and padding ensure more support to parents and it allows to carry kids up to 36 months, or whenever your baby turns 33 lbs.

DADA hip seat baby carrier is very lightweight at 2 lbs only. The delicately designed curve and the flexible center point of straps help to distribute babies’ weight evenly to feel less weight in usage. This would help to make a big difference in comfort if the hiking and trail walking is longer.

Get outdoor with your baby in DADA hip seat baby carrier, THE best baby carrier for hiking and walking! Enjoy nature and joy together, make adventurous memories together!