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------ The 7 ultimate ways to carry your baby


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Dada hipseat baby carrier

Hip-side Carry

Forward Facing

Inward Facing

Baby Standing

Baby Laying down

Front Carry- forward facing or inward facing

Backpack carry

Dada Waist Stool


Daily walk

My baby loves our daily walk after dinner and we are definitely doing it right, with DADA hipseat. Once I take out the hipseat, my baby is already so cheered up at sight. I simply wrap it around the waist and attach the two ends then buckle up. I am ready to pick my baby up and place her on the stool! The whole process would take just a few seconds which is so convenient. We usually walk around the neighborhood for a good 30mins-45mins and it’s so easy on my back and hips.

Max air flow

I have a baby carrier that wraps around the baby and it’s gets so hot in summer for my girl. She gets so fuzzy and would not stay quietly in it. Then I tried the DADA hipseat which was a gift from friend, it was absolutely a genius creation. I would hold my baby with one arm or just hold her armpits. There couldn’t be more air flow I could imagine out of any other way to carry her. So happy with it!

Long time carrying

Our girl got sick when we were on vacation and she wouldn’t let go of me so I had to carry her ALL THE TIME! Luckily my husband just grabbed the baby carrier even though we weren’t thinking about using it in an all-inclusive hotel. It definitely was a life saver! I held my baby girl on the hipseat almost all the time during the day. No matter when we were out walking around, or dining seated. A happy baby, happy caca!

A must-have for travel

I have to shout out for this great DADA hipseat baby carrier for all the conveniences throughout our travels! Neither my husband and I was light traveler, and you could imagine traveling with a demanding plus one. We could have managed with stroller but I wanted the baby to enjoy the trip more. Then I had her on the hipseat and she was so cheerful looking around all the happenings in the airport. And it was such a big relief when we were boarding. Since we had to check in the stroller at gate, I was able to hold the baby on the hipseat without any weight lifting. And I had a backpack on my back and a free hand for the luggage, without any problem. I was so happy to share when people came up to ask about it.

Travel solo with baby on Dada

Travel solo with a baby is possible wth dada hipseat! It might have seemed concerning traveling alone with a needy toddler like mine but it was a lot easier with the hipseat. I had my girl with me on the carrier the whole time and a bag and a luggage. The zipper pocket on the belt is very convenient for storing ID and boarding pass.

Comfortable design

I like this baby carrier not only because of its hipseat design, the padded shoulder and waist belt make it so comfortable. But it’s also breathy with the mesh material at the front and all areas towards the body. It also looks like the widest in the market for more support on the waist. And I could wear for longer time comparing to the other ones I had tried before.

Hassel free, easy wearing

This is the one I have been waiting for!  I am so tired of sorting out all the straps using regular baby carriers. Then I found this! So much easier to put on and so many more ways to use. I wasn’t expecting a product like this of great quality to arrive with what I have paid. So worth it!

Great sight level for baby

Love using the hipseat in malls or parks. My baby gets to see what I see when I wear the hipseat on my upper waist so that she is almost at the same sight height.